Our Mission

Our primary mission is to offer an official platform that will assist athletes in reaching their maximum potential while gaining exposure during the recruitment process, and to work alongside with NCAA Programs and their coaches by assisting them in their search for qualified prospects.


We pride ourselves in the integrity of our program, and we strive to achieve our goals/ objectives in an ethical manner which complies with the requirements and regulations of the NCAA.


The Elevate Your Game, Inc. Scouting Website is intended to serve as a liaison between prospects and collegiate coaches/ scouts. Through our detailed Scouting Reports, evaluations, and Showcases, our goal is to facilitate the recruitment process for both parties.


In order to gain full access to our Scouting Website, the creation of a profile is required for both athletes and coaches alike. Players are able to register for a profile, and they will have the ability to create a Scouting Profile by providing the required information.


NCAA Programs and coaches are able to gain full access to the Scouting Profiles by purchasing one of the following annual subscriptions:


Access to High School Recruiting Database

Access to High School and JUCO Recruiting Database